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What to Expect on Your First Visit


     Whether this is your first ever visit to a chiropractor or you have been going to a chiropractor your entire life,  the process can be very different based on where you go. The purpose of this post is to show you what a typical first visit in our office looks like so you know what to expect. My hope is this will help alleviate any anxiety you may be having about taking the first steps toward regaining your life.

     Lets start with the best way to schedule your new patient visit. The quickest and most efficient way is to call (515)232-9075 during our normal business hours. This way we can talk you one on one to find the time that best works with your schedule. We realized often when you call for your first visit you are in…

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Injury Prevention

     It is only the middle of February but it feels like spring in Ames Iowa! Not often do we have such beautiful weather this early. Obviously we are not out of the woods yet as there is a lot of winter yet to come and it is after all Iowa. Yet that won't stop our family from getting outside and enjoying the warmth while we can.

     When the weather starts we warm up we also starts seeing more injuries in the office. This is often due to everyone craving to get outside and start having fun again or needing to get some projects done that didn't get done last year. The problem lies in that our bodies are often not ready for the change of pace. For many they have been couped up inside for months and not using the muscle or body in…

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Chronic Pain and Foot Imbalance

     Chronic pain in the lower back or hips is all too common. It is an issue that we address daily in the office and often is a result of dysfunction in the vertebra of the lumbar spine or sacroiliac joints. However, at times it is not that simple to diagnose. Chronic pain that has not responded to other treatments or always seems to return without a identifiable injury often requires digging a little deeper to find the source.

     When things don't seem to be adding up and we have not made an improvement in a persons low back pain it is time to take a step back and look for other causes. One of the more common sources of pain actually starts in the foot. A condition called overpronation, which is where the foot rolls inward too…

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Law of Repetitive Motion

-Chronic injuries can be a real annoyance. I often get asked what keeps causing a persons injury to flare up and never seem to go away. That patient will usually tell me they didn't do anything that should have caused an injury. It is then I tell them more about the law of repetitive motion and the cumulative injury cycle and how that can contribute to back pain, neck pain, headaches, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and a host of other problems. 

Here is the law of repetitive motion:I=N*F/ A*R where:

I - degree of insult to the tissue as caused by friction or pressure

N-Number of repetitions of any action

F-Force or tension of each repetition as a percentage of the maximum strength            

A-Amplitude of each repetition


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Visable Improvements with MRI after Chiropractic Adjustment

A new study has shown the improvements in low back can be visualized directly with an MRI. This is an exciting breakthrough for chiropractors because we can demonstrate that the pain relief and improved neurological function that our patients see every day can now be seen with with direct imaging. Low back pain can often be caused by restricted mobility between the lumbar vertebra which can lead to degenerative changes in the vertebra and disc and eventually fibrous adhesions in the ligaments and muscles in the low back.

The researchers conducting this study had hypothesized that chiropractic adjustments increased the gaping or space between the joints in the lumbar vertebra allowing them to move more freely and decrease…

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AMA Recommends Chiropractic Before Surgery for Low Back Pain

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended something chiropractors have been saying for years; before resorting to surgery less invasive measures should be tried first. One of their recommendations included chiropractic care saying that surgery is usually not needed unless other more conservative measures have failed. In my practice I always tell my patients the least invasive therapy should be tried before resorting to more risky procedures. Surgery caries many risks and doesn’t guarantee results. Chiropractic on the other hand has been proven safe and effective for relieving low back pain and does not carry the same risks as a undergoing a major surgery.

The article gives a brief description of…

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Headaches Can Be a Pain in the Neck!

Everyday I see numerous patients that are suffering from headaches. These headaches can range from debilitating to being just a mild annoyance. Regardless, people just want them gone and I can relate. I myself suffer from the occasional headache. They were at their worst during my Palmer College days while spending hours studying.  Headaches can be difficult to diagnose and treat because there have been up to 120 different reported causes of headache.

Fortunately many of the more common causes for headaches can be relieved with chiropractic care. Often  subluxations or misalignments in the neck vertebrae can occur due to a traumatic injury or simply from the constant tension of looking down at a desk at work or school. No matter the…

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You Adjust More Than Backs and Necks?

I often encounter patients or people at health fairs who are surprised to learn chiropractors work on more than just back and necks. While it is true we specialize in restoring proper nerve flow by removing any interference in the vertebra of the back and neck, chiropractors are also trained in diagnosing and correcting subluxations or misalignments of the arms and legs.

I wanted to dig into this subject a little more with this post because I have actually just completed extra certification as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner or CCEP. Now you are probably thinking what on earth does that mean? To become a CCEP you must take an additional seven courses, each focused on a different aspect of extremity adjusting. The…

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How Active Release Technique Works

On a daily occurrence I see patients with various soft tissue injuries that require special treatment to effectively remove their pain or restore their range of motion. These conditions have included low back pain, neck pain, headache, tennis elbow, shin splints, sprained ankles, plantar faciitis  and almost everything in between. So how am I able to effectively and usually permanently treat those injuries? I use a patented state of the art soft tissue rehab technique called Active Release Technique or ART.

So how do we get these injuries and how does ART treat them so effectively? Soft tissue injuries usually happen in one of three ways. The first is an acute injury such as a ankle sprain or strain hamstring. These obviously happen…

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Why I Became a Chiropractor

For my first blog post I decided I would answer a question I am often asked. People often want to know why I decided to become a chiropractor. I tell them my passion for chiropractic started while playing basketball as a sophomore in high school. My mid back had started hurting and it got to the point where it was affecting my ability to run and jump as I once had. My parents had been to a chiropractor and they suggested we make an appointment with a sports chiropractor to help alleviate the pain. I was a little reluctant at first but was in so much pain that I decided it was worth a shot. At my first visit the chiropractor informed me my spine was straightened in a place where it was supposed to be curved. He educated me on how…

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