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10 May 2017

What to Expect on Your First Visit

      Whether this is your first ever visit to a chiropractor or you have been going to a chiropractor your entire life,  the...

15 February 2017

Injury Prevention

It is only the middle of February but it feels like spring in Ames Iowa! Not often do we have such beautiful weather this early. Obviously we are not...

01 May 2016

Chronic Pain and Foot Imbalance

Chronic pain in the lower back or hips is all too common. It is an issue that we address daily in the office and often is a result of dysfunction in...

06 March 2015

Law of Repetitive Motion

-Chronic injuries can be a real annoyance. I often get asked what keeps causing a persons injury to flare up and never seem to go away. That patient will...

26 February 2014

Visable Improvements with MRI after Chiropractic Adjustment

A new study has shown the improvements in low back can be visualized directly with an MRI. This is an exciting breakthrough for chiropractors because we can...

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Injury Prevention